50,000 women participates in the Karma study

Breast cancer has steadily increased over the past 40 years. In Sweden, one woman per hour is diagnosed with breast cancer and every six hours a woman dies from the disease. The need to prevent the onset of breast cancer is high.

Therefore researchers at the Karolinska Institute in collaboration with four hospitals in Sweden perform the largest cancer study ever in Sweden – Karma.  The objective of this study is to significantly reduce the incidence of breast cancer. Karma will identify high risk women based on lifestyle, genetics, mammographic morphology and other markers. When we can assess the individual risk for breast cancer, the next step is to tailor a preventive treatment for each woman based on the treatments available to them at the time.

Thanks to the 1000 women who voluntarily choose to join the Karma study every week, we have today reached a major milestone with 50,000 participating women!

Karma study has been made possible thanks to a donation of 50 million SEK from Märit and Hans Rausing’s Initiative Against Breast Cancer.