Karma launch clinical trial for breast cancer detection with new techniques.

Karma Kamera is the study name of a clinical trial at Södersjukhuset, Stockholm, introducing a new technique developed by Real Imaging (realimaging.com).

Real Imaging’s 3D Functional Metabolic Imaging and Risk Assessment (MIRA) technology is intended to provide a non-invasive non-radiation, and examinee-friendly procedure to determine breast health through the acquisition and analysis of 3D metabolic signatures of the breast. The entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Since this type of risk assessment provided by the MIRA technology is solely based on biological/metabolic signatures, the MIRA technology might be efficiently used to screen women with dense breast tissue. The imaging dataset are not interpreted  by a physician, rather a sophisticated computerized assessment would generate the likelihood for suspicious of cancer. A woman with a positive risk (e.g. suspicious for cancer) would need further imaging workup to diagnose and localize the cancer.

The trial is ongoing and will continue through 2014